5 Gmail Labs You’ll Want to Use

If you are a Gmail user then you’ll want to get familiar with Gmail labs. Gmail labs are a nifty little addition of tools for your tool belt to help you make your Gmail experience even better than it already is and make your life easier by utilizing these tools to systematize your management of Gmail. You can get more done with Gmail labs than just email.


Gmail Labs

Check out some of my favorite Gmail labs and see for yourself.


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  1. Canned Responses: Nearly every business has an email, letter, etc. that it frequently sends to its customers. One of the things we frequently recommend to our clients is to set up templates so that you don’t have to rewrite the entire email. In Gmail Labs you can use the Canned Responses to do just that. Simply open a new email to compose, write the meat of your email leaving little notations to yourself where you might make revisions, and then save as a Canned Response. Once you’ve set up your Canned Response you’ll be able to reuse the same email template over and over and with just a few tweaks to personalize it and you’re all set. No more trying to remember what you’re standard reply is and no more copy/paste from a Word document. Now you can manage them all with your Gmail program.
  2. Google Voice Player in mail: If you’re a Google voice user as well as Gmail user then this handy little gadget will allow you to simply listen to your voicemail within your email. You’ll no longer have to click away from your email to listen to your voicemail.
  3. Preview Pane: This is one of my favorites. One of the things that I don’t particularly care about in Gmail is that you cannot view the email without opening it. By enabling the Preview Pain you can now choose between a horizontal split or a vertical split. I like being able to preview my email right there, and you can also reply to it in the preview pane and do not have to open a new window.
  4. Undo Send: Have you ever forgot to attach that document and it was the main purpose of emailing someone. We have. This nifty little gadget will allow you for a few seconds after sending to stop the send and attach that document.
  5. Quote Selected Text: Sometimes you need to respond to an email by quoting a portion of the text from the sender. With this little gadget if you select the text you want to quote before clicking reply it will insert the text for you.
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