4 Tasks SMB Owners and CEO’s Should Oversee



As a virtual assistant company one of our jobs is to market to you the small business owners, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs. To tell you what you should delegate or outsource to our company so that we can help you make your job and your life easier. That’s a simple fact of business, right? I mean it wouldn’t make sense for any company to put all those hours of hard work into their products or services and not follow through with marketing and telling their clients what they can do to help them, but in this particular business it is not advisable to outsource everything. Nearly everything, perhaps. We can certainly make your business and your life run so much smoother when you outsource those projects and tasks that do not need to be done directly by you.

There are so many types of virtual assistant’s out there that every type of task you need completed you are sure to find a professional service provider that can offer assistance with that field. Assistance is the key word here. We offer assistance and even consulting, project management, and more but assistance is the key factor. We assist you in completing your day to day tasks. We often downright complete the entire process for you, but there are times when you simply should not outsource or at least should not completely leave yourself out of the equation.

So what should you NOT completely remove yourself from the equation or maybe even not outsource:

Bookkeeping/Accounting: Outsource yes, smart move (I outsource mine)! Do not remove yourself from the equation however. Your name is on the business you are responsible for the financial health and wellness of your business. You should set up a system of checks and balances so that not one person is responsible for every aspect of the financial health of your business, with you ultimately doing the final check and overseeing this.

A great checks and balances system might include having a bookkeeper that does the day to day entry of transactions, reconciliation of accounts at the EOM, and compiling the quarterly reports and year end reports with a CPA or tax lawyer doing your quarterly or year end tax business. You may even want a separate individual for handling the actual bank transactions (possibly you/a trusted person close to you but you should sign off on these). At the EOM you need to review all reports, check all bank, credit card, and other account statements against your bookkeeping reports. Even if you don’t like bookkeeping, and numbers make your eyes go all googly you can still manage to tell if something is off or not right and question it to get it straightened out or tell if there is an even more serious problem and nip it in the bud immediately. Protect yourself and your business and keep your hands in this pot. I use this system and it works well for me. My bookkeeper does reconciliations, EOM reports, etc., myself or my son handles the bank transactions, but I always sign off on all transactions and check everything every month.

Branding: Branding is your message to your clients, your community, your target market and what your message says should be true to you, your core beliefs, be real, and drive real value for your clients. Ultimately, this message has to come from you. You can hire/outsource to a marketing company or a marketing virtual assistant, and there is a really good chance you will be told you need to make some major changes or perhaps that it’s all wrong. My advice is to look to them for fresh ideas and listen to POV and advice to a point, but don’t alter your core message. They may have some great ideas, but if their ideas are going to alter your core message that’s not true to you and your business then you need to be careful about how/even if you utilize those ideas. Just talk it through with them and work to use their great ideas, but still maintain your core message.

Quality: You are responsible for the final product or service being offered. It is your company name and reputation on the line. You should be involved with your final products or services that go out your door when it comes to quality. Not just the quality of the final product, but the entire process. Keep your eyes and ears open. Pay attention to your team and your clients. Personally inspect products or services frequently and personally check in with both your team and your clients to ensure everything is running smoothly and everyone is happy.

Your Team: You may or may not have an HR department, head hunter, or other to vet your team, but you should have a look at the final pool of participants yourself. Why? Because again it goes back to your company’s reputation being on the line. You want to make sure that each person not only has the skills to perform, but also has similar core values and can really get behind your company’s core message.

All that being said. It is vitally important that you’ve hired a great team to begin with. People you can trust and allow freedom to work without micromanaging. I am not suggesting micromanaging on these items either. Just keep yourself involved in the processes to protect yourself and your company from harm. Learning to let go is hard for most, but for some they love it so much that they let too much go. Remember, to have some checks and balances in place and keep a level playing field. There are always risks in business and there are always risks when allowing others to do your work, but more often than not giving someone else the work they enjoy doing and do so well is very rewarding as it allows you more time and freedom to focus on what you should be, enjoy the most, and do the your best at. It will feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

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