10 Signs You NEED A Virtual Assistant Today


Administrative work should never be the focus of a small business owner/entrepreneur. Instead your focus should lie on your specialty. Whether it be a photographer, sales person, shop owner, writer, speaker, etc. You should be focused on taking your pictures, getting the sale, running the shop, writing those articles/books, speaking at events, etc

1.       If you miss / are late to one more meeting someone is going to shoot you.

You are a disorganized mess. You don’t know which way is up or which is down. You are coming and going so frequently you have no idea where to go next. There are some calendar solutions out there to help you manage your schedule better. Hire a virtual assistant to set one up for you and to help you maintain it and schedule or cancel your appointments when needed. They can even fix it so you get reminders so that you won’t be late or miss another meeting again.

2.       You inbox is going to implode!

You are just too busy to stay on top of it. Hire a virtual assistant and let them clean it up, get it organized, and make it easier for you to deal with when you do have time to read and respond to your emails.

3.       You have so much writing, typing, and formatting your head is spinning.

Perhaps you’re a writer and you’re working on a novel or your autobiography, but you just really can’t type or format a decent document. STOP slowing yourself down and messing with your genius by trying to do those things, instead get out a pen and paper or get an audio recorder. Then have your virtual assistant transcribe and format it for you.

4.       You are spending way too much time trying to educate yourself on new skills , and the worst part is they have nothing to do with what you should be doing.

You sell houses or maybe you’re a personal trainer. So tell me, why is it you are spending time trying to learn how to make a Power Point or input those formulas into Excel? You should be selling houses or training someone not creating Power Points and making a mess out your Excel sheets. For Pete’s sake hire a virtual assistant already and let them do the work for you so you can focus on those other things.

5.       You can NEVER find that darn paper when you need it, but really that organized mess on your desk is no big deal – I mean you’ve done it this way for years why should you change now?

As your business grows so does that organized pile of JUNK on your desk. Clean it up, go green, and hire a virtual assistant to organize your electronic files.

6.     You are chasing that darn fax down for 3 weeks now.

You have wasted hours chasing down a fax and because of schedules that don’t mix you can never get a hold of the right person to find out about that fax. Why are you wasting precious hours chasing down paperwork when your virtual assistant can chase it down for you. YOUR Virtual Assistant can send those emails, make those phone calls, and find out what’s up with that paperwork and get it done for you.

7.       Are you running your team or is your team running you? In the ground that is…

What are you doing being the go to person with your team? You should delegate to a project manager all the things necessary to get the job done. Allow your project manager to be the go between/the team liaison, the person who handles all the questions, makes sure deadlines are met and projects are completed professionally and accurately. YOUR Virtual Assistant can be your project manager. They can provide you with timely reports that keep you in the loop, but allow you to breath and focus on what you are supposed to be doing.

8.       When was the last time you sent out your monthly newsletter? Oh – you don’t remember or maybe you don’t have one?

Why is that? Is that because you are to busy to do it, or because you feel you don’t need one. If the answer is because you are to busy to do it then let YOUR Virtual Assistant assist you with that task. YOUR Virtual Assistant can set up your template and your list in your newsletter program such as Aweber or can create a PDF and do mailings via your mail client. YOUR Virtual Assistant can see to it that the articles are written either writing them themselves or by delegating that task to the appropriate person(s). In essence YOUR Virtual Assistant will be the project manager of your monthly newsletter and will see to each detail of the process on a monthly basis.

9.       What about your website or blog? When was the last you updated it?

Do you know how important it is to keep your website updated with fresh content, to make sure that your links work, to make sure your images are displaying, etc. There are so many little details that are involved with keeping up with your website that YOUR Virtual Assistant can handle for you. Don’t let your website slip between the cracks. Remember this is the face / storefront of your business and it is a vital presence you should not ignore.

10.   Are you turning down opportunities because you just don’t have the time to do it?

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen when the reason you are too busy is because you are doing work you should NOT be doing. What’s the problem? Why are you letting that money slide by so easily? Hire a virtual assistant today and get to those other projects that allow you to make more money!

STOP wasting your much needed hours to do what YOU DO BEST and let YOUR Virtual Assistant do the rest.

Where is your focus? Are you focusing on administrative work or are you focusing on your specialty/niche? I would love to hear your thoughts. If you work with a virtual assistant or if you don’t, tell me your experiences.

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